Research projects

Coordinator, RP K. Karatheodoris, “Design, implementation and evaluation of educational projects adressed to preschool children in the Patras‘ University Zoological Museum”, University of Patras, (2004-2007).

Participant, RP Pratiques d’écriture et instrumentation du psychisme: Approches psychologiques et didactiques, coord. Pr. A. Weil-Barais – Université d’ Angers (2003-2005).

Participant, FP7 RP «History and Philosophy in Science Teaching», coord. Pr. D. Höttecke – Universität Bremen (2008-2010)

Participant, FP7 RP Fibonacci “Design, implement and test a process of dissemination in Europe of inquiry-based teaching and learning methods in science and mathematics, coord. Ecole Normale Supérieure / Bayreuth University) (2010 – 2013),

Coordinator, RP Heracleitous II Reinforcing the Human Research Potential through Graduate Research” (D.276.001.004 – 2009 – 2013)

Participant, RP “Planning, implementing, evaluating and scientifically justifying a joint mathematics and science literacy curriculum for early childhood education in Cyprus“, coord. Dr. C. Papadimitri, European University Cyprus (2011-2014)

Participant, Erasmus Mundus, Action 2, coord. Pr. J. Ginestié, Université d’ Aix-Marseille (2012-2018)

Participant, RP HOPE – Horizons in Physics Education (coord. N. Witkofski, Univerité Pierre et Marie Curie / UPMC, 2013-2016)

 Co-coordinator, CRSH-Connexion -‘L’archéologie à l’ère de la médiation scientifique’ (Co-coord. Pr. A. Meunier, UQAM, Montréal) (2020-2022)

Participant, RP ALeMP – Adaptive Learning Management Platform for STEM (Coord. P.P. Corso, Università degli Studi di Palermo) (2021-2024).